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Micronesia: Australian Man Wins Private Island Resort in $49 Dollar Raffle

A lucky Australian man was announced as the new owner of a profitable private island resort on Tuesday evening after securing the winning ticket in the world’s most-talked about prize draw.

  • A lucky Australian man enjoyed the surprise of his life on Wednesday morning after finding out that he’d won a Pacific private island in the world’s most-talked about raffle
  • The New South Wales native shelled out just US$ 49 for the raffle ticket and woke up to find he was the new owner of a debt-free, profitable private island resort
  • The previous owners of Kosrae Nautilus Resort decided after 15 years it was time to move back to the mainland and “make someone else’s dream come true” in the process
Kosrae Nautilus Resort

Kosrae Nautilus Resort

Private Island Raffle Winner Revealed!

An Australian man woke up to the surprise of his life earlier this week as he was revealed as the lucky winner of the world’s most talked about prize draw. After buying a US$ 49 raffle ticket, the man – named locally as “Joshua from New South Wales” won the rights to the Kosrae Nautilus Resort – a profitable private island resort in Micronesia.

The New South Wales native is now officially the new debt-free and profitable private island rental business with $10,000 in the business bank account, 16 long-term employees, eight motor vehicles and two boats. Not bad at all for just US$ 49…

Private Island Prize Draw

As reported in Private Island News earlier this week, the former owners Kosrae Nautilus Resort – Doug and Sally Beitz – decided it was the right moment to call time on their 24-year island adventure, preferring to swap the beautiful beaches of Micronesia for a new career as “professional grandparents” back home on the Australian mainland.

Explaining that they’d never been ones to follow convention, the Beitz Family decided to give their island away as part of an online prize draw. “Rather than sell this precious oasis to the highest bidder, we thought it would be amazing to make someone’s dream come true,” explained Mr Beitz. “Anything else would have been really boring.”

Fraught Few Hours

The raffle came to its dramatic conclusion on Tuesday night, with the winning ticket – ticket number 44,980 – revealed live on the island’s official Facebook page.

A few fraught hours followed in which the raffle organizers were unable to contact the lucky winner, but by Wednesday morning the news began to trickle through and the lucky Australian awoke to a phone call that would change his life forever.

At present little is known about the lucky winner, with the Beitz family preferring to protect him from media interest and give the future resort owner a little time to “get his head around the news.” As soon as more information is known, you’ll be able to read about it right here on Private Island News.

Stay tuned to Private Island News for information about another upcoming private island prize draw later this week for your opportunity to win a trip to Necker Island in the Caribbean.

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