Saturday, July 13, 2024

Island Checklist

Our Emphasis is on Habitable Private Islands!

There are more than 12,000 islands around the world, many of which are habitable private islands. Even if you find your piece of paradise, remember that nothing is perfect and there are some very important points to consider before buying an island to be sure that you enjoy the quality and standard you are looking for.

The following is a checklist that must be taken seriously and applies to all islands. It should be considered as a guideline to evaluate private islands so that you, the buyer, can determine which combination of pros and cons you can best live with.

The checklist works like this: it has 12 items and each is worth 2 points – so a perfect island would score 24 points. Realistically, however, if an island gets 66% of the maximum points, it can be considered habitable. This guideline is made for you, to ensure you know what you are buying.

Checklist for Island Buyers – 12 vital criteria

Only an unencumbered freehold title is acceptable
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Medical services must be within a 90 minute radius of the island
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Can you live with indigenous animals on the is (mosquitoes, sand-flies …)
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Get familiar with trees and plants, pros and cons
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Host Country
Social environment, acceptance of foreign investment
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Is the island accessible? Harbor, anchorage, landing …
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Water, sewage, electricity, telephone, internet
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Building Permit
Availability of permit, size of house, type of development
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Get familiar with the weather and climate conditions
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Island Surroundings
Neighborhood, amenities, services and also crime level
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Island Value (investment)
Island market: locally-driven and/or by foreigners
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Island Seller
Notes on dealing with owners directly, licensed agents or third parties
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All checkpoints are negotiable except for availability of medical services nearby!