Thursday, April 25, 2024

Island Checklist - Access

Reaching the island in all seasons and weather conditions is as important as being able to leave the island. Check out whether the island has natural anchorage, a small protected bay where a boat can be moored without being in danger of drifting away – preferably in an area where a walkway from the bay to the house can be built. Islands in rough seas where no anchorage is possible (only a few days per year) should definitely not be considered. Otherwise, problems and accidents are inevitable. On certain flat islands, an airstrip can be built. This is very advantageous, but the airstrip must also be maintained by a caretaker.

In addition to the island, a mainland property can be very convenient. It can be used to park a car, moor a boat or a location to build a garage to be used as a storage facility for the island. It is extremely helpful for the entire island logistics. The mainland property should ideally be within viewing distance of the island. In some cases, island owners have even built a small cottage on their mainland property – particularly handy when rough waters force the owner to stay on the mainland.

Before buying an island, check whether such opportunities exist.