Saturday, July 13, 2024

Island Checklist - Island Surroundings

When people imagine life on an island, they usually picture solitude and being alone. However, in the real world, this is different. An island owner will have neighbors and will need to go to the mainlang by boat. The owner will need to buy fuel and food, visit repair stations, postal service, pharmacy, doctor, etc. If you want to obtain a building permit or a permit to build a wharf, obtain quotes from electricity companies, telephone, etc., you are part of the community. Ideally, you must blend into this social environment. Therefore, the rental of an island in the immediate area is highly recommended. Renting an island for a week or two will answer many questions.

We try to concentrate on safe areas but almost daily, we are asked by interested parties whether there are reports of any piracy incidents or crimes in their area of interest. In almost all cases, islands are very safe.

However, certain incidents involving crime have taken place, especially in areas where drug trafficking is rife. Of course, in such areas, special care must be taken. Normally, island owners do not furnish their homes with very expensive items, so they do not become targets for any unwelcome visitors. A thief certainly would reconsider the risk of becoming a prisoner on the island. It is probably “safer” for a thief to concentrate on a mainland property. Again, by renting an island in the area, the neighbors and locals will be able to provide you with a deeper insight to that specific area.

“Rent before you buy”