Friday, July 19, 2024

Island Checklist - Building Permit

There are developed and undeveloped islands.

The developed islands have existing homes. The Purchaser must ask himself/herself whether these homes were built legally and if a building permit is available for viewing. It is also important to know whether extensions or additions to the existing buildings are permitted by the planning officers.

Undeveloped islands have more severe problems. First of all, is a building permit available at all? This point should not be underestimated. We strongly advise potential purchasers to hire professionals, architects and surveyors for assistance. We always recommend taking an island “under contract” with a 90 day due diligence period. Within that time, you can find out whether building permits are available. If so, you then reconfirm the transaction after 90 days. If not, you receive your deposit back and declare the agreement as null and void. We are sure that your solicitor can advise you on this point. Islands without building permits are literally worthless.

The more environmental laws are introduced, the more difficult it is to get a building permit.