Sunday, July 21, 2024

Island Checklist - Flora

As with fauna, flora is also part of mother nature and cannot be criticised.

Again, this is to advise clients to inspect the island carefully to see whether they can live with what is there and to study what grows on the island.

In certain areas, there are poisonous plants. Some plants can cause allergic reactions. There are coconut trees on many tropical islands. There is also a danger that a coconut could fall on your head if the trees are not maintained. If noone is maintaining the island, it would be wise to consider this safety point very carefully.

Studying flora closely also gives you an idea of what kind of ground water is on the island. Experts can read how much ground water available from the vegetation . The vegetation also signifies whether the island is self-sufficient or not.

In summary: studying the island’s flora is a worthwhile and useful point on the checklist.