Saturday, May 18, 2024

Island Checklist - Fauna

This chapter is not as critical as medical services. Fauna and flora are all part of nature. Its purpose is to remind the island buyer to determine whether he/she can live with what is on the island. We have the experiene that a few of our clients underestimated the amount or consequences of mosquitoes and sand-flies. In some areas, mosquitoes need to be sprayed with chemicals. Some people are even allergic to the chemical spray. The same problem exists with sand-flies. Some people are immune – others are allergic.

For example, on many Australian islands there are snakes (tiger tasman snakes). However, the islands are considered to be habitable, since very few incidents have been reported (on average four per annum in the entire country). If a hospital can be reached within 24 hours, a snake bite can be treated – so we understand. Still, island buyers should be aware of this.

In the northern hemisphere, there are many cormorants. They are not directly a danger to human beings, however they can effect trees and plants. If they are left undisturbed on an island for years, the trees slowly disappear.

These are some examples that island buyers should be aware of and be sure to inspect the island, as mosquitoes, sand-flies, etc. are not visible on photos.

We are by no means talking negatively of such these islands. Nature is pure and healthy. The question is, can the buyer live with it?