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Private Island Weddings

How about celebrating your wedding, honeymoon or second honeymoon on your own private island?

Allow Vladi Private Islands to organize an unforgettable dream holiday for you.

• Are you planning to surprise your partner with a wonderful and extra- ordinary holiday to say “I still love you”?

• Do you want to plan your honeymoon …Read More: Private Island Weddings

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Vladi Private Islands Calendar 2011 -

Vladi Private Islands Calendar 2011

The 2011 edition is something very special in Vladi Private Islands’ long lasting tradition of calendars. The subject of “treasure islands” has always been a hotbed for numerous stories and legends, irrespective of whether they are true or not. They still inspire readers and moviegoers all over the world.

The calendar …Read More: Vladi Private Islands Calendar 2011 – “Treasure Islands”


The Evolution of New Holland Island

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is only the latest visionary to have had a grand plan for Saint Petersburg’s New Holland Island. Will his be the one to ultimately succeed?

As far as beginnings go, that of New Holland Island was decidedly unglamorous. Centuries ago, it was merely another piece of the forested mainland lining …Read More: The Evolution of New Holland Island

Island Market

The Return of the Luxury Real Estate Speculator?

Speculation fuelled the property boom – and predictable bust – of the last decade. Despite the continuing slump, are these high-flying gamblers back in business?

With United States housing foreclosures hitting all-time records in 2010, and no marked signs of a genuine recovery in the country’s real estate sector, it appears there are few reasons …Read More: The Return of the Luxury Real Estate Speculator?


1999 - Your own private paradise

Your own private paradise, by Gary Strauss, USA TODAY, Friday, August 13, 1999

Some Americans these days play Robinson Crusoe in reverse – they’re willing to give everything to get their own island, not leave it. Interest in private islands is peaking, stoked by a brokerage’s TV ad in which a truck driver parlays …Read More: 1999 – Your own private paradise

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We are the world's leading news page about islands for rent and sale. Private Island News (PIN) highlights the latest news about the private islands businewss, connecting a large online community of private islands enthusiasts. Private islands fans can read the latest news and stories about the private islands market, and see current ads for private islands to buy or rent. We analyze the island market, look at price trends, and feature commentary from top island experts. We report on business, breaking news, and all other aspects of island life. We explain environmental problems and climate change and bring the latest gossip about celebrities and private islands.

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Guiding you in the right direction, we give breaking reports about new property sales and auctions to help you find your dream island retreat. We distribute offers for tropical and Caribbean islands for sale and enable our readers to buy or rent a private island from a celebrity. Newlyweds can also rent a private island for their honeymoon. For all prospective customers, Private Island News makes referrals to Vladi Private Islands, a broker for private island rentals and sales.

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Private Island News also informs potential buyers about other relevant matters to life on private islands such as the environment, climate change and island development. We discuss issues of global warming, extreme weather, politics and green technology, and focus on how to live in harmony with the natural environment. PIN also brings you the hottest news about luxury lifestyles, new literature, and the rich and famous who buy or rent islands. Furthermore, we also discuss governments and their strategies and reasons for buying islands.