Friday, July 19, 2024

Private island resort

Become part of the private island resort owned by famous celebrities

Renting your own lovely resort private island is no longer just a dream. Private Island News present resort villas of well-known artists, athletes, businesspeople or aristocrats and can help you realize your fantasy of holidaying like a celebrity. Our editors vividly write about the proprietor and his frequent guests, the villas and fincas, the diving spots, the opportunities for amusement and the history of the island as an object for private ownership. Series of stunning photos accompany the article to display the full beauty of these private island resorts.

Every private island resort that is presented in our column is also for rent. If you are interested in spending your next holiday in the private island villa of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards or David Copperfield, Private Island News supply you with the most important information and additional links. Our readers will be surprised ? the luxurious world of private island resorts is not always expensive. In fact, the weekly rents are often comparable to a stay in a nice hotel.