Monday, May 20, 2024

Buying an island

Private Island News guides you through buying an island

Private Island News helps prospective customers who are interested in buying an island with useful news about the island market and a variety of current advertisements. We?ll bring you every imaginable kind of island for sale; cottage retreats in northern waters as well as tropical islands with vast mansions that were owned by famous celebrities. Private Island News allows you buying an island with your own lighthouse or your own little harbor. In recent months, we have presented several island estates for sale on our website, such as islands that were once owned by Celine Dion or the late Beatles member John Lennon.

If your interest is not in buying an island but in renting one, we will also be there to support in making the perfect choice. With Private Island News you will be able to rent incredible islands all over the world and holiday like a rock star in luxury villas. We will be happy help you rent the island resorts of David Copperfield or Keith Richards and live like a celeb for a couple of days or weeks. Those with an interest in the environment can visit an eco-resort and help protect our natural environment, even caring for giant tortoises in the Seychelles! Check Private Island News frequently for news about renting or buying an island!