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Caribbean: Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance to Call Johnny Depp Your Next-Door Neighbour

Islands are often viewed as an exclusive refuge for the rich and famous. With the help of Vladi Private Islands, however, you too can rub shoulders with the stars. If you’ve got the cash, that is.

Hall's Pond Cay - Photo Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Hall’s Pond Cay – Photo Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Private islands have long since been considered to be the exclusive refuge of the rich and famous. And whilst that’s not strictly true (you may remember our recent report which revealed that it’s possible to purchase a private island for the price of a London garage), it’s fair to say that the chances of bumping into a fully-fledged A-list celebrity are higher on a private island than in your local supermarket.

With the help of Hamburg-based island agency, Vladi Private Islands GmbH, you too can rub shoulders with the stars – as long as you’ve got the necessary financial firepower, that is. The record-breaking brokers are currently listing the 186 hectare Hall’s Pond Cay – a Bahaman beauty of an island located in the exotic Exumas island chain – one of the Caribbean’s most sought-after locations.

And if the name Hall’s Pond Cay sounds familiar to you, the Private Island News team is willing to bet our bottom dollar that it’s because you’re a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp, whose own private island – Little Hall’s Pond Cay – is located right next door. So if the thought of Cap’n Jack Sparrow popping round to borrow a cup of sugar gets you hot under the collar, this is without a doubt the private island for you – just as long as you can afford to pay the USD 62M price tag.

Located less than 100 kilometres from the Bahaman capital of Nassau, Hall’s Pond Cay forms one of the best Caribbean private islands currently available on the market – and not just because of its notable neighbour.  Offering 186 hectares of pure sunshine and seclusion, Hall’s Pond Cay is the ultimate place to just kick back and relax – perfect for all those who dream of well and truly getting away from it all.

Hall’s Pond Cay isn’t just an idyllic escape, however – it’s a great investment to boot. With 12 powder-white beaches and acre upon acre of untouched nature, the possibilities are endless. There’s space for a heli-pad, water-plane ramp and even a private runway, meaning you could transform this chic hideaway into an easily-accessible island idyll in no time at all. You could even create a deep-water dock for large yachts and ships – an Exumas rarity which will go a long way to ingratiate you amongst your new A-list friends whenever they pop round for a cup of tea.

Hall’s Pond Cay is by no means your only chance to hob-nob with high society, however. So, if you’re in the mood for a spot of celeb-spotting, don’t fear – the Private Islands News Team will be presenting a list of our five favourite star-studded islands on Friday. Don’t miss it!

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