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Greece: You Could Buy a Private Island For Less Than The Price of a Garage in London!

It could be the easiest decision you’ve ever made – a picturesque private island in Greece is up for sale for the less than the price of a London garage. Which one will you choose?

Little Lesbos - Courtesy of Vladi Private Island

Little Lesbos – Courtesy of Vladi Private Island

Mediterranean private islands rarely arrive on the island market and when they do, they often have an astronomical price-tag attached to them. Yet international island brokers Vladi Private Islands are bucking the trend with Little Lesbos, a gorgeous Greek island gem which could be all yours for less than the price of a garage in London.

As reported earlier this week in The Independent’s digital imprint i100, two garages in the heart of London’s W8 Kensington & Holland Park region have been placed on the property market for approximately EUR 830,000 each – that’s a whopping EUR 1,975 per square foot!  For less than that price you could be the proud owner of a private island in Greece, with Little Lesbos currently listed on  for EUR 800,000.

Available on the international market for the very first time, the picturesque private island Little Lesbos forms quite the coup for Vladi Private Islands, who, after were issued with the exclusive mandate to sell the island by the island’s owners earlier this year. At the time of going to press, Little Lesbos is by some distance the cheapest of the highly-desirable Greek islands on the market today.

Other Greek islands in the Vladi Private Islands portfolio include the tree-line island of St Athanasios in the Gulf of Corinth (currently listed for EUR 1.6 million) and an Ionean Sea island which, whilst boasting more obvious attractions than Little Lesbos (it comes with its own dramatic cliffs, a flock of sheep, a house and even a church), is also considerably more expensive, and commands the eye-watering asking price of EUR 45 million.

What Little Lesbos lacks in attractions, however, it more than makes up for with its dream-like location. The sixteen acre island is situated 200 meters across the waters of the island of Lesbos, just a 15 minute boat journey from the regional capital of Mytilini. And whilst the garages in London arguably offer a marginally shorter commute time, when you’re surrounded by crystal clear tranquil waters and sun-soaked skies, we’re sure that will be the least of your worries.

Blessed with bays, beaches and beautiful vegetation, Little Lesbos admittedly doesn’t offer much in the way of entertainment – but again, surrounded by the Mediterranean, that doesn’t mean you’ll be short of things to do. Whilst currently undeveloped, the property’s owner explained to Private Island News that – just like the garages in London, building permits can be applied for from the local government agencies, which, if successful, mean construction will be allowed.

So what will it be? Will you choose a ramshackle garage in North West London or a picture-perfect private island in one of the most sought-after island destinations on Earth? Whilst we’ve got a sneaky suspicion we know which option you’ll be choosing, why not let us know your decision via one of our social media pages? Private Island News is active via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – what are you waiting for?

To receive more information about Little Lesbos or any of the other Greek islands mentioned in this article, please contact Vladi Private Islands either via e-mail ( or via telephone on +49 40 33 00 00.


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