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Greece: A New Era of Private Island Glamour? Celebrities Party on Skorpios Island

A new era of private island glamour has begun on Skorpios. Beyoncé, Rihanna and even Prince Albert of Monaco join island owner Ekaterina Rybolovleva for the party of the year.

Skorpios Island - Image Copyright Farhad Vladi

Skorpios Island – Image Copyright Farhad Vladi

Indelibly marked by the legacy of Aristotle Onassis, few private islands have succeeded in capturing the public’s imagination quite like Skorpios. With its white-washed villas, rugged coastline and verdant olive trees, the Ionian idyll was once a regular in the gossip columns of the international press, with celeb-spotters seemingly unable to get enough of the glamorous lifestyle of Greece’s favourite son and his blushing bride, Jackie O.

Fast-forward four decades and it seems that the only things to have changed on Skorpios are the protagonists. Thanks to new owner Ekaterina Rybolovleva – who last year completed a spectacular EUR 100 million leasehold option with the help of her billionaire father, Dmitry – the island is once again in the international limelight, forming the dream-like destination of star-studded celebration of the heiress’ 25th birthday.

As well as featuring a series of prominent names from the international political and business world, the glittering guest-list also features the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna and even Royalty’s most recent father-to-be, Prince Albert of Monaco, who is believed to have been accommodated in a luxury yacht moored just off the island’s picturesque shores.

Farhad Vladi, who counts a number of Onassis-owned properties amongst his portfolio, received a personal invite to the island from Athina Rousell – the sole surviving heir of Aristotle Onassis – asking him to complete a detailed appraisal of the world’s most famous private island in 2008. Explaining why Skorpios is – for many – the perfect island, the broker was happy to share his inside knowledge with Private Island News:

“Skorpios is truly has it all – it’s perhaps one of the best private islands on earth,” he enthused. “The island goes above and beyond fulfilling the points on our check-list for island buyers and even comes with its own water supply by means of a pipeline connecting it to the mainland. Not many islands can offer a pedigree like Skorpios – factor in the location and the unique history, and you’ve got the perfect island.”

Questioned about the island’s new leasehold owner, the experienced broker issued the following statement: “We are certain that Ms. Rybolovleva will enjoy her island to the full extent and, having read all about her ecologically sensitive development plans and charity work, are confident that she will form a more than capable steward for this magnificent island.”

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