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Worldwide: Private Island Travel – The Hottest Trends for 2014

Looking to beat the January blues? These red-hot private island travel trends are just what the doctor ordered. Make your private island dreams come true in 2014 with Vladi Island Travel.

Exclusive rentals of luxury island resort North Island look to be a popular choice in 2014

Exclusive rentals of luxury island resort North Island look to be a popular choice in 2014

As those lazy, hazy memories of turkey sandwiches and turn-of-the-year optimism slowly but surely give way to the harsh reality of early mornings, bad weather and broken resolutions, you’re certainly not alone in finding that your mind is wandering to somewhere altogether more exotic than your current office environment.

If, like us, your thoughts are already turning to getting away from it all and booking the vacation of a lifetime, you certainly won’t want to miss our guide to this year’s ultimate island escapes. Set to make a huge impact on the island industry in 2014 and beyond, these red-hot island travel trends are just what the doctor ordered to beat the January blues.

Island Detoxes
A sure-fire way to get those New Year’s resolutions back on track, private island detoxes are the perfect retreat for anyone looking to lose a few kilos, increase your fitness or simply enjoy a little bit of well-deserved “me” time. Priding themselves on stunning scenery, oh-so-tasty healthy food and a vibe so relaxed that you’re sure to start your day with a smile, a private island detox holiday could leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Ethical Island Holidays
Directed towards an engaging, authentic experience, ethical island holidays are the perfect choice for travelers with a social conscience. Inviting travelers to engage with island communities in a meaningful, mutually enriching way, an ethical island break is a great way to broaden your horizon whilst making a real difference.

Promising a modern, sustainable approach to hospitality, eco-tourism is an idea that has been floating around for some time now, but one which is growing in reach and influence year after year. Set to really take off in 2014, this top trend looks certain to capture the heart of young, eco-conscious travelers seeking to experience the life of a castaway without compromising their green ideals.

Luxury Island Travel
Today’s modern millionaires seem to be less about assets and all about adventures. And with the number of millionaires currently on the up, you can bet your bottom dollar that the trend for luxury travel is here to stay. Offering exclusivity and excitement in equal measure, the high-end islands of the Indian Ocean look to benefit particularly from this trend, with island buy-outs in the Maldives and the Seychelles set to be this year’s most in-demand escapes.

Back to Nature Private Island Escapes
At the other end of the spectrum to luxury island travel comes our fifth and final trend – back to nature private island escapes. A world away from the white sands of the Seychelles, back to nature private island vacations are the ultimate family-friendly escapes, promising high levels of adventure on a low, low budget.

Which private island travel trend will you be following in 2014? Let Private Island News know your thoughts on what’s hot and what’s not by sending us a comment, following our Twitter page or becoming a fan of our ever-expanding Facebook community!


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