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Worldwide: Part 2 – Private Island Holidays at Attractive Prices

In this second installment of our two-part series, Private Island News looks at more of the most affordable private island holidays – including islands you’ll have all to yourself!

As an update to Monday’s article on inexpensive (yet fun and exotic) private island vacations, Private Island News is now bringing you a new crop of islands that offer an excellent value for the money, including some rare European gems and a couple of well-priced Indian Ocean retreats.  All of the islands here have been selected by Vladi Private Islands’ Travel Director Olaf Lock and his team, and are certain not to disappoint. “It may be surprising to know,” says Mr. Lock, “that there are affordable islands on every continent!”

(Trinity Island, Ireland)

Trinity Island, Ireland

If your holiday goal is achieving inner peace and a Zen-like calm, then the soothing green expanse of Trinity Island’s 150-acres may just be your dream vacation. The remnants of an ancient monastery can been seen from the sun deck of the island’s stone lodge, and there’s no shortage of amazing natural scenery near the banks of Lough Oughter, an internationally-renowned network of lakes and wetlands . The lodge, with its large deck and airy floor plan, was created out of an old granary, giving it a unique and rustic charm. In spite of the island’s austere and cloistered past, there are appreciated touches of luxury like Jacuzzi baths, saunas, and plenty of entertaining activities. And, less than €190 per night, your tranquility won’t be interrupted with stress over the price. The peak of summer is glorious in the Emerald Isles, but June or September may offer the best weather and a quieter atmosphere.

Cost: Starting at €1,300 per week

(Mirihi Island, Maldives)

Mirihi Island, Maldives

When it comes to dreamy private island luxury, the Maldives is one of the most famous destinations on the planet. A favorite of many celebrities and other high-end tourists, it’s hard to imagine one of these Indian Ocean gems qualifying as “affordable”. Mirihi Island, however, gets rave reviews despite a starting at a relatively low US $320 per night for an exclusive Beach Villa. The island offers a choice of accommodations on land, or the divine over-water bungalows that the country is famous for, stretching out over the calm seas on stilts. Named “mirihi” after the delicate yellow flowers found scattered around the island, this tropical haven is an ideal setting for a romantic celebration. The weather in the Maldives often provides the most sunshine from November to April, perfect for those seeking an escape from northern winters.

Cost: Beach Villas starting at US $320 per night for two guests  

(Cousine Island, Seychelles)

Cousine Island, Seychelles

Unlike other, more heavily publicized tropical destinations, the less-known Seychelles have retained a quiet mystique. This chain of Indian Ocean islands off the African coast did recently enjoy a deserved moment in the sun, however, when the newlywed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose one of its luxury resorts for their honeymoon. Even in this upscale setting, there are options that offer a great value; one such island is the lovely Cousine, a very special resort amid a sanctuary for rare birds and turtles. Four gorgeous French Colonial villas are hidden within lush rainforests, in a perfect blend of civilized luxury and pristine nature. Shared with family or friends as an exclusive rental, this entire island in the Seychelles can be had for the price of a suite at a large 5-star resort hotel. As an added bonus, the climate is blissfully warm at any time of year.

Cost: Exclusive use of the island for 8 people is €650 per person/night

(Ile de Chantemesle, France)

Ile de Chantemesle, France  

Could renting a private island in France be one of the chicest holidays imaginable? One of a dusting of 60-odd islands along the River Seine, the bucolic beauty of this region enraptured the Impressionist movement of the 19th century, in particular Claude Monet, who lived in the nearby village of Vétheuil. The 25-acre island hosts two painting-worthy villas, a swimming pool, tennis court, and the use of two motorboats to explore the river and its incredible sights. At a mere 30 miles north west of the shopping and culture of Paris, Chantemesle is a supremely elegant way to enjoy both a city and countryside holiday, at a price that, for a group, far exceeds the value that could be found within the city limits of Paris. Chantemesle is perhaps at its most stunning during the spring and early summer months.

Cost: Divided amongst 12 guests, just €700 per week

(Hunt Island, Nova Scotia)

Hunt Island, Nova Scotia

Could there be anything better than gathering a group of friends for a summer escape at a lakeside cottage? How about having a private island all to your own! The fun will never stop on Hunt Island in Ponhook Lake, a popular cottage area in the gorgeous Nova Scotia wilderness. The centerpiece of this exclusive island rental is the wood-frame cottage, with comfy furniture and charming water views. Near the small town of Molega, and just 35 minutes from the larger Bridgewater, Hunt Island is perfectly situated close enough to civilization to pick up forgotten amenities, but far enough away that the hectic modern world will fade into the distance. Split among up to six guests, this private island rental is an absolute steal. Depending on your tastes, Hunt Island can be either a warm-weather paradise or a winter wonderland with readily available skiing.

Cost: Starting at CAD $290 total per day for up to six guests.

(Island of Eriska, Scotland)

Eriska Castle Island, Scotland

Ending our series with another amazing island from the British Isles, the epic Eriska Castle sits on its own 300-acre Scottish island amid a stunning landscape straight out of a fairy tale. Hazy mountainous hills loom in the distance, rich green forests wrap around the estate, and small ponds strewn with lilies can be glimpsed from the castle windows. Bronze Age ruins with a fascinating history are found near the island, dating its habitation to 200 BCE. The hotel, despite dating from 1884, offers plenty of modern luxury – a pampering spa, award-winning cuisine and even suites with private gardens and hot tubs. At just under US $500 per night, a night at Eriska can’t be called cheap, but for an ultra-romantic weekend away the experience is well worth the price. Scotland has a pleasant moderate climate in summer, and the magic during a winter snowfall shouldn’t be missed.

Cost:  Starting at £310 per night, inclusive of breakfast

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