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Scotland: What’s happened to Peace Island?

You may remember reading that in 2009, the generous, successful entrepreneurial couple Sam and Sunita Poddar from Scotland, bought and donated the private island of Little Cumbrae, subsequently renamed “Peace Island”, to their beloved Swami Ji or Baba Ramdev, India’s most popular lifestyle guru, who obviously needs time to be alone in peace! If you don’t, you can read the story at:

Little Cumbrae (centre)

Little Cumbrae (centre)

Alternative therapy centre now open to the public
Comfy cottages, a yoga centre, relaxing therapies, including yoga, massages and specially devised diets with fruits and herbs are supposed to be on offer for up to 100 guests at a time, and all in the peaceful surroundings of “Peace Island”.
Well, that’s according to author Dilip Bobb of the Indian Express, (see: link) who posted his update on Baba Ramdev on 9 June this year. According to the author, these facilities are up and running with plans to extend. Here is the official international yog centre website:

Or not, as the case may be?
The former Little Cumbrae or Wee Cumbrae as the locals refer to the rocky island measuring 313 hectares, located in the Firth of Clyde, has apparently remained in its natural state, if we are to believe a conflicting report in the Economic Times/India Times, published three days later on 12 June this year.

Lighthouse on Little Cumbrae, Scotland

Lighthouse on Little Cumbrae, Scotland

This article states that no work has begun on the centre and a spokesperson for the North Ayrshire Council can confirm that “no formal planning applications for any building on the island had been received” – see: link

The island has an automatic lighthouse on its western shore and a ruined castle keep dating back to 1527. On the eastern shore lies the main building known formerly as Little Cumbrae House. Only time will decide the fate of this little Scottish island with two names.

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