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Wales: Planning Permission Panic on Bear Grylls’ Really Wild Welsh Private Island

TV adventurer and former SAS soldier Edward “Bear” Grylls has raised the ire of the Welsh building authorities, after installing a huge metal slide on the side of his rugged private island home.

Bear Grylls and his Private Island Slide - Photo Courtesy of

Bear Grylls and his Private Island Slide – Photo Courtesy of

He may have conquered Everest, trekked across Antarctica and grappled with some of the world’s most fearsome reptiles, but a bureaucratic battle with Welsh authorities was a challenge too far for adventurer Bear Grylls, who has been forced dismantle a huge metal slide that has adorned his private island home since August 2013.

Famous for his survival skills and fearless attitude, the 39 year old explorer made the controversial addition to St. Tudwal’s West last year, celebrating its completion by posting a picture with the caption “New slide attached at home on our island! You hit the water very fast!!!!” on Twitter, much to the amazement of his thousands of followers.

Not everyone was impressed by the mad-cap modification, however. Due to its location within an officially designated area of outstanding beauty, the decision to build a huge, metal slide incurred the wrath of environmentalists and government officials alike, with the latter even going as far as to open an investigation into the slide’s construction.

As well as being perceived to be a blight on the stunning surroundings, there were also concerns into the slide’s safety. Mr. Wyn Williams, representing Gwynedd Council, said that whilst Mr. Grylls may claim to be aware of any potential health risks by taking the time to establish the island’s safest tidal conditions, there were “still concerns that an accident could occur.”

Keen to avoid a showdown with the local councilors, Grylls reluctantly took the decision to remove the slide, much to the delight of Councilor Williams, who issued the following warning on any other would-be island adventurers: “You shouldn’t be allowed to erect a slide in an area of outstanding natural beauty before going through correct procedures.”

The councilor may have spoken too soon, however, with Grylls cheekily adding that the slide could yet make a reappearance – just as soon as winter is officially over. If true, you can guarantee that the Private Island News team will be at the front of the queue, reporting on round two. Be sure to stay tuned for updates!

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