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USA: The Thousand Islands – A Journey of Discovery along the US-Canadian Border

A thousand breathtakingly beautiful islands are waiting to be discovered. Private Island News embarks on a journey of discovery, presenting the very best of the 1000 Island region.

Long before the likes of Aspen and the Hamptons became the playgrounds of the rich and the famous, the Thousand Islands were the place to see and be seen in the United States of America. Located in Upstate New York and straddling the U.S.-Canadian Border, the islands have hosted a veritable roll call of famous names over the years and continue to offer a wholesome charm and a stunning sense of natural beauty that we’re sure you’ll just love exploring.

And the best of it? Amongst European visitors at least, the 1000 Islands region remains relatively unknown,  meaning if you’re looking for an all new American adventure away from the traditional tourist traps of NYC, LA and Florida – you’re in for a treat. But with an estimated 1,864 islands and islets at your disposal, it’s hard to know where to start.

Singer Castle on Dark Island – Photo provided by Vladi Private Islands

Singer Castle on Dark Island – Photo Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Luckily for you, however, Private Island News is on hand with an overview of the region’s very best attractions – from the most pristine private islands, to towering castles and beyond.

Singer Castle on Dark Island

Perfect for those who dream of being the king or queen of a fairy tale castle, Singer Castle on Dark Island can be found smack bang in the center of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Guests can choose to stay overnight in Singer’s one and only accommodation suite, or alternatively simply take a tour of the castle and its grounds. The island is available from May to October, when the St. Lawrence is free of ice and the gorgeous traditional gardens are in full bloom.

Boldt Castle

Intended to be the most romantic Valentine’s Day present of all time, the island was developed by wealthy hotelier George Boldt in 1900. No expense was spared – the island’s shoreline was molded to resemble a heart and a 100-room castle was constructed, all with the aim of impressing his one true love. A happy ending was not in sight, and the project was abandoned and left to rot until 1977 when the castle was finally restored to its original opulent state. 

Cherry Island – Photo provided by Vladi Private Islands

Cherry Island – Photo Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Cherry Island

Located just a stone’s throw away from Alexandria Bay, this pretty and petite private island is available for rent – making it the perfect base for a holiday in the region. Retaining the wholesome charm of the region’s golden era whilst also offering all the necessary mod cons to add to your pleasure, this fabulous destination will strike a chord in those who cherish a rare sense of tranquility amongst stunning natural beauty.

Whiskey Island

If, after your vacation in the St. Lawrence Seaway, you’re on the search for something more long-term, look no further than Whiskey Island – a 3.1 acre island available for sale. Named due to its role as a smuggler’s cove during the prohibition, the charming island comes with a completely renovated eight-bedroom main lodge, a boat house and much, much more and could be all yours for just USD 3 million.

For more information about Whiskey Island or any other islands for sale in the 1000 Islands, head to Vladi Private Islands – the world’s leading private island broker.

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