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Island Market

USA: Spectacular Nautilus Island on the Auction Block October 18th

A gorgeous private island off the coast of Maine is set to be auctioned later this month, a great opportunity for a summer retreat or secluded year-round residence.

(Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands)

The island market is buzzing with the news that Nautilus Island, a beautiful 14.9 hectare private island in Castine Harbor, part of Maine’s famous Penobscot Bay, is set to be auctioned on October the 18th (link). Beloved by visitors as a luxury island rental, now is the chance to actually own this charming piece of New England, and use it for fabulous summer getaways or even as a permanent home.

It’s easy to see why a life on Nautilus would be a tempting proposition – and why the island’s current owners preserved it in their family for over 130 years. The island boasts a mile of rugged coastline, has expansive views of the pretty isles and islets of Penobscot Bay, and offers a rare combination of natural glory and fascinating history. The walking paths circling the island display the island’s stunning environment, as well as lingering historic relics of visits by Paul Revere and Native American tribes.

A true self-sustaining island paradise, Nautilus has a plethora of buildings to use and enjoy, all in excellent condition after an extensive 4-year renovation period. The main residence is a spacious 6-bedroom house set atop a bluff, with a large stone terrace, infinity pool and spa area. A two-bedroom farmhouse overlooks the island’s bucolic vineyard, and even the boathouse has been converted into a lovely retreat ideal for family gatherings.

(Image Courtesy of VPI)

Aside from the vineyard, the sustainability of the island is evident in the painstakingly-created organic fruit and vegetable gardens, plus poultry and even cattle. The current owner has lived on the island all year, and ensured that all buildings and dockage are protected from the Maine winters. Ready to for its new owners to enjoy, many of the furnishings, ground equipment and a 23-foot boat are all included in the auction.

Anyone searching for an island home that allows for perfect freedom and a beautiful lifestyle will no doubt be drawn to Nautilus. There is also the potential for rental income, as the island has become a popular vacation spot for discerning clients.

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