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Island Market

USA: South Carolina Island Hits Auction Block on March 15th

As part of a large family estate, a very unique private island in Beaufort, SC will be auctioned off to the highest bidder next month.

(Image Courtesy of the National Auction Group)

Yet another island auction has appeared in the news recently, and at a sprawling 220 acres, Cane Island offers a plethora of possibilities for use, and even includes a small 10-acre adjacent island. Developers should take note that unlike many other relatively-untouched islands on the market, zoning and plans are already in place for an extensive mixed-use project with both commercial and residential components.

For an upmarket development, the location is ideal; found in the southern reaches of South Carolina, the town of Beaufort has a distinct charm that harkens back to the plantation era. The white-washed Doric columns of Antebellum homes still line parkways shaded by drooping willow trees, and in the town’s historic center, so many buildings are considered of value that an incredible 304 acres have been designated as National Historic Landmarks.

Many upscale communities are found with Beaufort’s city limits, including the area directly around Cane Island. Ideal for a luxurious river-side gated community, the property is flanked by two well-known islands; Cat Island, which hosts golf course, clubhouse, and high-end residences, and Gibbs Island, with one of the top golf courses in the state.

The relaxed culture of the town lends itself well to island life; many come here to retire, or enjoy a more leisurely pace than can be found in nearby larger cities like Charleston and Savannah. Much like Hilton Head, another tourism-driven destination in South Carolina, Beaufort offers pleasant weather, great fishing, and of course, picturesque island scenery.

Cane Island will be auctioned off with a variety of other properties on March 15th by the National Auction Group, Inc., at the Best Western Hotel, 1012 Bay Street, in Beaufort.

Visit the auctioneer’s website: National Auction Group

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