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USA: Connecticut’s Underwood Island for Sale at Just $295,000

Privately-owned islands in desirable Connecticut can cost millions of dollars, but one charming little isle on a sleepy lake in the Northeast can be had for less than US $300,000.

(Image Courtesy of Jon King)

A modest wooden cottage, a dock peering out over clean lake waters, and a picturesque New England setting – what more could one want from a private island? In the case of Underwood Island, a 2-acre patch of paradise in rural northeastern Connecticut, a price tag of US $295,000 only sweetens the deal. The cute cottage on Coventry Lake has a single bedroom and a bathroom, and the little isle even features a small freshwater pond.

The current owner is Jon King, a real estate broker at Weichert Realty/Four Corners Real Estate in the small town of Storrs, just a stone’s throw from Coventry Lake. With his youngest son leaving home for college this fall, he felt it was time to sell Underwood Island, one of several investment properties he owns, to give the family finances a boost at an expensive time.

(Image Courtesy of Jon King)

“We love the island for the nature and seclusion,” King told Private Island News. While he said that he wasn’t sure who a potential buyer might be, he is offering to donate $10,000 of the sale price to a yet-to-be determined charity, and would be open to discussions with a conservation group or other non-profit organization. He would also consider a partnership with the right individual.

Located a mere 2.5 hours from New York City, the potential buyer could be an urbanite looking for a weekend retreat – or a local nature lover like King himself. “I’ve had a lot of inquiries, but no action yet,” King said regarding the progress of the listing. For the aspiring island owner – or conservation group seeking to preserve a unique natural treasure – the time, and the price, may be right.

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