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USA: A Rustic Island Retreat for Sale in Maine

The picturesque Brown’s Island is found within one of Maine’s most beautiful lakes, and comes with seven cabins and a host of amenities, including a library fully stocked with books and board games.

(Image Courtesy of John Colannino/ERA)

A perfect spot for summer fun and relaxation, the Nicatous Lake region is a sleepy piece of rustic Maine, with a wide expanse of water covering more than 5,000 pristine acres. The lake is dotted with islands, and there are numerous clean beaches, intricate coves, and sheltered bays. Located in a scenic corner of the state, some 60 miles northeast of Bangor, the lake has been frequented by lovers of fishing, boating, and the charms of cottage life since the late 19th century. On the lakeshore, Nicatous Lodge is a beloved destination for local cuisine and spectacular fishing.

(Image Courtesy of John Colannino/ERA)

Within the lake’s clear, clean waters, you’ll find Brown’s Island, one of the few developed islands in the lake. An appealing 5-acre patch on the market for US $725,000, the island has 7 quaint cottages ideal for those interested in offering cottage rentals, or who, like the current owners, Bev and Phil Brown, have a large network of relatives and friends eager to while away pleasant weekends on the “summer colony.” The couple, who purchased the island in 1973 for US $17,000, spent decades and upwards of $500,000 updating the kitchens and adding amenities like water and sewage systems.

(Image Courtesy of John Colannino/ERA)

According to the broker for Brown’s Island, John Colannino of Dawson Commercial Brokers, the island is highly self-sufficient. “There are canoes, boats, furniture, cook stoves, refrigerators and just about everything else you need, including a caretaker that can have the island fully stocked with food and ready for your arrival. A very unique place,” he said. Offered furnished, the island is truly ready to enjoy, including things like boats, furniture, and contents of the island’s library, with 5,000 books and a variety of board games. While the island offers modern amenities (including cell phone reception), it feels out of another era, a simpler and more peaceful time.

(Image Courtesy of John Colannino/ERA)

Due to the efforts of the state and local conservation groups, Brown’s Island’s lake will likely stay much as it is, for a long time to come; the government of Maine, together with groups such as the Forest Society of Maine and the Maine Coastal Heritage Trust, purchased more than 22,000 acres of local land, including stretches of undeveloped coastline and 76 of the lake’s 98 islands. The future owners of Brown’s Island can rest easy that their neighbourhood will retain its rare beauty and peace throughout their lives and, perhaps, even their children’s.

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