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UK: Historical English Private Island For Sale For Bargain Price of GBP 4 Million!

A private island that laid the foundation for modern democracy within the English-speaking world has been put up for sale for the incredible price of only GBP 4 million.

Magna Carta Island - Photo Courtesy of

Magna Carta Island – Photo Courtesy of

It’s without a doubt the perfect private island for history buffs – Magna Carta Island – the picturesque private island where the Magna Carta is believed to have been signed – has this month been placed up for sale with an astonishing asking price of just under GBP 4 million.

Located along the River Thames, in the English county of Berkshire, Magna Carta Island is currently home to a converted chapel (now a Grade 2 listed building), a guest cottage, a long-stretch of water frontage, and can currently be accessed either via boat or hump-backed bridge.

Describing the island as a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to buy a piece of history, the property’s estate agent couldn’t speak highly enough of the regal rarity: “Not only is Magna Carta Island an idyllic private island in the Thames with 402 metres of prime river frontage, it is widely acknowledged to have been the site of the signing of the Magna Carta, perhaps the most significant charter in history.”

The Magna Carta, or Great Charter of the Liberties of England, was sealed by oath by King John of England on June 15, 1215. The document was drafted up by a group of noblemen as a reaction to King John’s unjustness. It was the first ever document to state that even Kings and Queens have to follow the laws of the land and successfully avoided an all-but certain civil war.

The charter went on to revolutionise the constitution of English-speaking lands right across the globe – indeed, three of the points drafted out in the Magna Carta are enshrined in American government even today: that taxes may not be arbitrary, that free men cannot be imprisoned without first being judged by their peers and that justice cannot be denied or delayed.

Reminders of the island’s historical significance can be found right across its 3.72 acres. Originally a chapel, the incredible main house is home to seven stunning bedrooms, four reception rooms, a pool and even a charter room, where wonderful stained-glass windows and painstakingly painted crests detail the 25 barons who forced King John into signing the treaty.

The traditional décor continues throughout the main property and even beyond into the nearby guest cottage, with paneling, wood-beamed ceilings and intricate interior accessories only adding to the authenticity of the building. Expansive gardens and an impressive 402 meters of river side water-frontage (offering access to the Thames by means of a large mooring) round off this astounding island opportunity.

As well as hosting one of the most important events in the history of European democracy, Magna Carta has also been graced by the presence of none other than Queen Elizabeth II, who called by on 18th October 1974 to plant a tree in the island’s immaculately-tended gardens – an event that has since been immortalized by way of fetching commemorative plaque.

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