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Seychelles: Former Seychelles’ President Sir James Mancham Dies Aged 77

The founding president of the Republic of Seychelles, Sir James Mancham, passed away peacefully on Sunday morning at his residence. He was 77 years old.

  • According to local media reports, Sir James Mancham, the former president of the Seychelles passed away in his sleep Sunday 8th January 2017
  • An active campaigner for global peace, Sir James arose to prominence as the first president of the Seychelles, leading the country between 1976 – 77
Founding President James R. Mancham and son with Farhad Vladi - Photo Courtesy of

Founding President James R. Mancham and son with Farhad Vladi – Photo Courtesy of

Sir James Mancham: *11.08.1939 – †08.01.2017

It is with great sadness and regret that Private Island News announces the passing of Sir James R Mancham, the founding President of the Republic of Seychelles.

According to local media reports, the former president passed away in his sleep on at his residence in Glacis on Sunday 8th January 2017. He is survived by his wife, Kate, his two sons, Alexander and Richard, his daughter, Caroline and his legacy as a respected advocate for world peace

“A Global Apostle of Peace, Understanding and Unity”

In an official statement released on Sunday evening, President Danny Faure, the Republic’s current leader, expressed his heartfelt condolences, describing Sir James as “a true patriot, a veteran politician, and a committed advocate of national reconciliation. He was a defender of liberty and champion of human rights.”

“The world has lost a global apostle of peace, understanding, and unity. Seychelles has lost a true patriot,” continued President Faure. “His dreams for a more united, peaceful Seychelles where there is true reconciliation need to be fulfilled by all of us here today.”

First President of Independent Seychelles

Sir James came to prominence as the leader of Seychelles Democratic Party (SDP), which steered the Seychelles into independence from Britain in 1976 and saw Sir James emerge as the country’s founding President.

Just one year later, Sir James was ousted from power and sent into exile until 1992 after his Prime Minister René launched a coup d’état. After his return to the Republic, Sir James worked in a largely ambassadorial role, promoting the islands as a tourist destination and gaining global prominence as an advocate for world peace.

A Visionary Statesmen

The former president picked up several international plaudits for his commitment to promoting international peace, including the prestigious International Jurist Award at the International Conference of Jurists 2010, the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Global Energy Parliament, the Gold Medal of the Academic Council of the European Centre for Peace and Development, and many, many more.

Sir James R.Mancham KBE – Ph. D (Hon.) – 1939 – 2017


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