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Panama: Two artificial private islands appear off the coast of Panama

Panama joins Dubai as the latest country to adopt artificial private islands, with construction scheduled for completion in 2014.

Ocean Reef Panama - Graphic Courtesy of

Ocean Reef Panama – Graphic Courtesy of

Created very much in the style of Dubai’s beleaguered Palm Islands project, Panama has become the latest land to turn to artificial islands in the quest to boost tourist numbers. Scheduled for completion towards the end of 2014, the so-called “Ocean Reef Islands” will comprise of a spa and relaxation resort, located just off the coast of the Punta Pacifica.

Construction companies began work on the project as far back as 2010, making considerable progress in a short time. The foundations for the development are very much in place, with curious parties already able to capture the first glimpses of the as-yet uncompleted islands via Google Maps (link).

Eager island lovers will have to wait a little longer until the final product is revealed, however, with officials from Panama’s tourism department expecting that it will be a further 18 months before the architects and construction companies are able to implement their impressive island designs.

Spread out across an impressive 200,000 m² surface area, the Ocean Reef Islands will be made up of two verdant islands, with plenty of space for both recreation and relaxation. Alongside holiday villas, spas and restaurants, the islands will also form home to a series of tennis courts and even a grand marina capable of housing a number of luxury yachts.

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