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Canada: On July 17th, Tour a Private Island on the St. Lawrence River

For those who love the many small private islands of the St. Lawrence River– some barely large enough to fit a cottage, and perhaps a tree or two – an upcoming boat tour may be a dream come true!

(Image Copyright Matthew Trump, 2004)

In the beautiful Thousand Islands of Ontario and upstate New York, cottages are a way of life – they offer a chance to escape from the big city, a haven for relaxation, and a perfect place for family togetherness. For the lucky, their small pieces of paradise face out onto the St. Lawrence River, a popular boating thoroughfare with gorgeous scenery and endless summer fun. The most enviable cottages, however, are those on the river’s many little islands and islets.

(Image of Singer Castle Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands)

Some of the islands are almost comically tiny, rocky outcroppings with barely enough land to sustain a clapboard house and a dock. Others are most generously built, with small patches of forest and ample space for holding summer parties under the sun. Two islands on the river even host their own sprawling castles – Dark Island is home to stunning Singer Castle, and Heart Island offers the elegant Boldt Castle. Both castles offer numerous daily tours, and in the case of Singer Castle, a special “Royal Suite” can be rented for the night, offering a rare chance to feel like the king or queen of your own castle!

In an event organized by the charitable Thousand Island Watershed Land Trust, one of these private retreats – the 24-acre Tidds Island, also known as Tremont Park Island – will be open to the public on Sunday, July 17th. An annual affair called the Cottage Tour Fundraiser, participants will get an intimate look at the island’s turn-of-the-century cottages and enjoy refreshments prepared by talented local chefs as they walk the tour along Tidds’ pretty tree-lined paths.

A boat – Cap’t Andy’s – will leave regularly on the hour from nearby Gananoque, Ontario, from the dock at the Arthur Child’s Heritage Museum, and take a scenic route past other local islands and sights of interest. The first tour leaves at 9am, and the last will depart at 4pm – guests are welcome to stay for a brief visit or spend the day. A perfect opportunity to experience true island life – and in support of a great cause!

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