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NZ: Vladi Private Islands Seeks Web-Savvy Hermit for Island Job

The world’s premier company for the sale and rental of private islands is searching for an independent young IT specialist with great writing skills for the position of a lifetime.

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Hamburg-based company Vladi Private Islands caused plenty of excitement in the media this week when it was announced that they were accepting applications for a very unique job: an island hermit. “It is a very unique position on a private island,” said the company’s founder and proprietor, real estate broker Farhad Vladi. “It combines IT work and journalism with island caretaking – it is proof that when you work behind a computer, you can work from anywhere!”

The island in question is a yet-unnamed property in New Zealand, which is home to many spectacular, rugged islands, including Mr. Vladi’s own Forsythe Island. Some other well-known island owners in NZ are the Princess of Hohenzollern, and noted NZ businessman Sir Michael Fay. Film director James Cameron also made news recently by purchasing a vast rural property of more than 2600 acres in the country.

Journalism and networking are key components of the job; Mr. Vladi said that his vision for the ‘island hermit’ position is of someone who will both write about his experiences on the island for Private Island News (PIN), and also unite other island managers around the globe to share their advice and stories.

The remoteness of the island will not be a barrier to networking, Mr. Vladi said, and whoever is hired will actually be at the center of the private island world. “Islands are now more connected to the outer world than they have ever been. With modern technology, you are only as isolated on an island as you choose to be!”

In addition to this and acting as a caretaker for the island, the successful applicant will have a variety of other responsibilities. There will also be duties related to the operation of the Vladi Private Islands and PIN websites, requiring an in-depth knowledge of search engine optimization, social media, and web coding.

The work contract on the island would be for a 12-month period. “This is a position which will require a very independent person who enjoys writing and solitude; a successful applicant will also have excellent computer and web skills,” he said. “A strong appreciation for nature is also a positive,” Mr. Vladi added.

Due to the restrictions of the New Zealand work exchange program, the applicant must be under the age of 27, the company said. Proficiency in German and English is preferred, and candidates will be considered from countries which fall under the NZ exchange program.

Nature-loving young IT specialists are invited to send written applications to the below contact details. Please include a current CV and a cover letter detailing why you believe you are the hermit for the job!

Vladi Private Islands GmbH, Ballindamm 7, 20095 Hamburg


Telephone: 040/33 89 89

Visit the Vladi Private Islands website:

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