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Central America: Meet the Isla Palenque Intern Contest Winners

This gorgeous eco-lodge on a private island in Panama made headlines in February when they held a contest to be their media-savvy island intern for the summer. They’ve now announced the results – and it was a tie!

(Image Courtesy of Amble Resorts)

A Heated Competition

Nearly 100 excited potential interns submitted both written and video-based applications for the contest – according to Amble Resorts, the ownership company of the island who is currently developing the resort, it was a difficult job to choose the right candidate! After intense rounds of judging and voting, it was actually a dual win for two competitors who both possessed unique skills that the judges felt would make them a strong team. According to the president of Amble Resorts (and contest judge) Benjamin Loomis, the winners were both excellent choices and he has high hopes that “they’ll produce work comparable to what you see on Discover or the Travel Channel”.

Luke Hansen

Luke is a freelance cinematographer from Phoenix, an ideal skill for an internship requiring well-shot video blogs. The judges were highly impressed by his pleasingly aesthetic and compelling video submission, saying that he “understands the power of storytelling and how to use film/technology to make an impact and get a message across.” Of course, Luke was thrilled to be chosen, and excited about his partnership with Ben. “I can already tell that Ben and I are going to make a great team. His enthusiasm for travel and adventure combined with his energetic on-camera presence make his videos so fun to watch. I know working together will push us both to produce some really amazing videos.”

(Image Courtesy of Amble Resorts

Benjamin Brown

The second winner, Ben, is an aspiring travel journalist from Las Vegas, and was described by the panel of judges as a great camera presence with a likeable personality. He wowed the judges with humorous videos of other places he has visited in the world, despite the critique of being just a little bit on the “cheesy” side. He was equally ebullient about his new role as island intern. “To take on this role is a dream come true. As an aspiring travel journalist, my goal is to inspire people to free their minds and change their lives by experiencing life abroad. My schooling, training, and professional experience will surely be put to the test. I can’t wait.”

(Image Courtesy of Amble Resorts)

A Summer to Remember

In mid-June, the two interns will hop a plane to Panama for a summer spent exploring the natural wonders of Isla Palenque, and sharing them with the world through frequent video blogs, not to mention social media like Facebook and Twitter.  Acting as “island ambassadors”, the duo will spread the island’s message of conservation with elite visitors and clients, and also learn about and promote the culture of Panama, experienced through off-island day trips and unique activities.  With over 400 acres of lush tropical jungle, the island truly reflects its name – “Palenque” means “sanctuary”, and the island’s many creatures and rare flora would no doubt agree.  Including Thurston Howl, the island’s howler-monkey mascot!

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