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Philippines: Man-made islands - upsetting the balance of nature

Projects to build islands or reclaim land are becoming more popular, especially in parts of the world with coastal tourism-based economies.
In the Philippines, one such project called the Panglao Oasis Islands, which hopes to build five man-made islands for tourism, recreation, nature parks and residential purposes, has come under fire. The five islands would be built just off Tagbilaran City in the waters south west of Bohol island in central Philippines.

Panglao Nature Park

Panglao Nature Park

Various groups, including local fishermen, officials, conservation groups and residents on the neighbouring mainland, fear high environmental and economic costs if the rich marine ecosystem in the area of the proposed project were destroyed.
Though the project has been endorsed by Panglao Mayor Mr Alcala, only time will tell if the expected economic benefit will be worth risking the delicate balance of nature.

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