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Maldives: Incredible underwater hotel planned for Maldives Private Island

Plans have been announced to bring the world’s largest underwater hotel to the Maldives private island of Kuredhivaru in an incredible multi-million dollar scheme.

Underwater Hotel At Kuredhivaru Courtesy of

Underwater Hotel At Kuredhivaru Courtesy of

The Maldivian Ministry of Tourism is reported to have given the go ahead for the development of the world’s largest underwater hotel in a move which is likely to delight tourists just as much as it will horrify environmentalists. Described as “Star Trek meets the underwater world of Jacques Cousteau”, construction of the 50 million dollar project is set to take place within the Southern Atoll, close to the island of Kuredhivaru.

Designer Pawel Podwojewski’s designs are certainly bold in their intent; a shimmering space ship which a series of tentacles snaking down into the ocean floor, where the 21 bedrooms reveal a series of spectacular seabed panoramas, certain to delight guests. The hotel will host a series of firsts, including the first all-glass underwater restaurant, the first underwater spa, the first underwater wine cellar and the first underwater night club, firmly cementing the Maldives’ place at the cutting edge of tourism.

The innovative plans could well come at a cost however, with the development likely to further disrupt the already delicate eco-system of the Indian Ocean, placing a further burden upon the myriad of marine life that calls the Maldives home. Plunging 30 meters below the water, the hotel’s foundations seem certain to make a negative impact on the environment with the colorful coral gardens likely to be the first of many casualties.

Developers have been keen to play down the downsides of the project, explaining that a number of steps will be taken to safeguard the local ecology; including relocating and rebuilding any damaged coral reefs and minimizing contact with the vibrant eco-systems. Podwojewski explains more: “To preserve the natural environment we have developed couple of kinds of foundations depending on the local conditions. The key is to touch the sea ground in just few points.”

As the search begins to find a construction company capable of realizing this radical project, however, it remains to be seen whether the environmentalists will be satisfied with this response. Private Island News will bring you further developments as they come to us.

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