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New Zealand: Kermadec islands safe after experiencing a 7.6 earthquake

International press and newswires are reporting that the remote volcanic Kermadec Islands, located in the South Pacific Ocean 800–1’000 km  northeast of New Zealand’s North Island are unharmed after a powerful earthquake registering 7.6 struck this morning.

Raoul Island by NASA courtesy of Wikipedia

Raoul Island by NASA courtesy of Wikipedia

The islands, which belong to New Zealand, are uninhabited apart from Raoul Island, which has a government weather and radio station and hostel where four scientists and four volunteers main task is to protect the native species by eradicating weeds and animal pests.

Whilst a tsunami warning for the islands , Tonga and New Zealand was first issued by a US agency, it was later cancelled.

For more information, see the Associated Press report at link

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