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Italy: Spectacular Private Island Wedding for Monaco’s Young Prince

Private Island News goes behind the scenes at the royal wedding of Pierre Casiraghi and his new bride, Beatrice Borromeo as they enjoy a private island ceremony in the Borromean Islands.

  • After enjoying a low-key civil ceremony in Casiraghi’s native Monaco, Pierre and Beatrice enjoyed a religious service on Isola Bella on Italy’s beautiful Lake Magiorre
  • The privately-held island, which is now something of a tourist attraction, was strictly out-of-bounds for all except an exclusive guest-list filled with famous names
  • The location had particular significance for the blushing bride – Isola Bella has long since belonged to the Borromeo family and is said to be filled with countless special memories
The Borromean Islands - Photo Courtesy of Farhad Vladi

The Borromean Islands – Photo Courtesy of Farhad Vladi

Two star-studded ceremonies – in a palace and on a private island

He’s the seventh in line to the throne of Monaco, and she’s a member of the Italian aristocracy – perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise to us that when planning their dream wedding, Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo chose to say “I do” not once, but twice – in two star-studded ceremonies which took place in a palace and a private island.

After enjoying a low-key civil ceremony at Prince Albert’s palace this time on July 25 2015, the blue-blooded newlyweds packed their bags for the bride’s family-owned pristine private island chain for a religious service and another round of intimate celebrations.

Isola Bella and the Borromeo Islands

The Borromeo Islands, located in Northern Italy’s breath-taking Lake Maggiore, have formed part of the Borreomeo family’s estate since 1632,  when Charles Borromeo decided to transform what was once a sleepy fishing village into a sprawling private island palace dedicated to his wife Isabella d’Adda.

The Borromean Islands - Photo Courtesy of Farhad Vladi

The Borromean Islands – Photo Courtesy of Farhad Vladi

Indeed, it was within the walls of this private island palace that the young couple decided to mark their marriage before the eyes of gods and men. According to Italian publication Dagospia Isola Bella was once again transformed into a dreamy wedding destination, after previously staging the wedding of Beatrice’s sisters Matilde and Lavinia to Prince Antonius von Fürstenberg and John Elkann in 2011 and 2004 respectively.

With its opulent rooms filled with antiquities and works of art, its open air theater and its myriad of terraces and manicured gardens, we’re certain the palace will have made the perfect back drop to Pierre and Beatrice’s elegant proceedings.  But don’t take our word for it – why not see for yourself?

Visiting Isola Bella

When not serving as a royal wedding destination, Isola Bella forms a popular tourist attraction, as do many of the other islands in the Borromean island group. Tours of both Isola Madre and Isola Bella available to book between April and October. To get up, close and personal to these private island paradises without moving from the comfort of your armchair, be sure to pick up a copy of  SWISS AND ALPINE ISLANDS for fabulous photos and an in-depth insight to both these islands and more.

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