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Ireland: Lambay Island Set For Controversial Luxury Development

One of Ireland’s most enigmatic private islands is set to be transformed into a luxurious retreat in a daring development that could take as long as ten years to complete.

Lambay Island - Courtesy of

Lambay Island – Courtesy of

As news breaks that the enigmatic owners of Lambay Island have agreed to open the doors of their jealously-guarded private island, nesomaniacs the world over are poised to enjoy a rare glimpse of one of Ireland’s most secretive addresses. It could be a while before the first guests arrive, however, with reports suggesting that the development could take as long as ten years to complete.

Located just four kilometers away from the North Dublin Coast, Lambay Island is the largest privately held island in Ireland’s east-coast region. Home to a small farm, a 16th century castle and its own port, the island is thought to have been in the private possession of its current owners – the Baring family – since 1904.

Thought to entail a much-needed upgrade of the island’s sewage and electricity systems and a complete overhaul of the residences located on the island’s western coast, the decision to develop the island has not been taken lightly by the Baring family and is reported to have split the family into two warring factions.

Whilst some members of the family have welcomed the decision as a much-needed additional revenue stream, others have been quick to criticize a potential commercialization of their home. A source close to the Baring Family has since revealed that compromise has been made, however, ensuring that only “a very limited and controlled level of commercial tourism” is allowed.

Plans submitted to Fingal County Council suggest the development will target affluent individuals and will only be available to rent for a maximum of 70 nights per year. If planning permission is granted, construction would begin in 2015, but would be rolled out over a 10-year period in order to minimize disruption to the island’s flora and fauna.

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