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Indonesia: Two Private Islands at the Centre of Indonesian Corruption Trial

Two Indonesian private islands form the exotic centre-point of a corruption investigation surrounding the controversial governor of poverty-stricken Banten province.

Island - Banten - Courtesy of www.indonesia-tourism

Island – Banten – Courtesy of www.indonesia-tourism

As part of an on-going corruption investigation into the financial background of the governor of Indonesia’s Banten province, Ratu Atut Chosiyah, a damning report has emerged, suggesting that the controversial politician may have had a hand in the illegal acquisition of two private islands.

The news of the politician’s private island ownership comes amidst rumours of widespread corruption across the whole of the Ratu Atut family. An astonishing 38 luxury cars have already been confiscated from the governor’s brother, Tubagus Chaeri “Wawan” Wardana, amongst rumours that the automobiles were purchased using illicit funds.

As outrage amongst the poverty-stricken Banten community increases, Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has now announced that it will launch a full investigation into whether the purchase of both Liwungan Island and Popole Island was above board or not.

KPK deputy chairman Bambang Widjojanto said on Monday that investigators were still looking for evidence, urging anyone with information about the islands to come forward as a matter of urgency. “It has to be clarified,” he explained. “The KPK expects people who have any details of the ownership of the two islands to inform us. We will be very thankful.”

Ratu Atut’s brother denied the claims of corruption, claiming that he amassed his wealth long before his sister came to power. The accused’s attorney, Firman Wijaya, insists that his client inherited two private islands from his parents and has the deeds to the two private islands to prove it: “Wawan is a businessman — he had assets long before Atut ruled.”

The investigation continues.

For further details about this story, please see The Jakarta Globe:


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