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Island Market

Wales: Former pirate island could be yours for a bargain!

The privately-owned island of Sully is still for sale, but may be more within the financial reach of many after the purchase price was heavily reduced!

Sully Island, Wales

Sully Island, Wales

The price tag for the 14.5 acre island, located just 400 metres off the Welsh coast of Glamorgan, has been reduced from GBP 1.25 million to GBP 95’000.

In a brief interview with Chris Hyde of Cooke & Arkwright Chartered Surveyors in Cardiff, Mr Hyde said that he doubted the island would get planning permission since it is on the list of Sites of Special Specific Interest and therefore protected. The island boasts many plants that are not so common for the area, including the bee orchid, adder’s tongue and marine spleenwort.

Having just returned from the island, he described it as being “easily reached on foot for three hours of the day at low tide via a rocky path”. This area has the second highest tidal rate in the world and could be dangerous if people don’t calculate the tidal rates accurately, when they are visiting the island on foot.

Once the base for the notorious pirate Alfredo de Marisco in the 13th century, who was also referred to as the Nighthawk, mysterious remnants of an interesting past can still be seen on the island in the form of the remains of a Saxon fort, as well as a Victorian shipwreck at low tide on the beach, according to Mr Hyde.

For more information see the article from the Daily Mail

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