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Celebs visiting resorts

For Hillary Clinton, a Unique Island Kind of Island-Hopping

After a family holiday in the sunny Turks and Caicos, Secretary of State Clinton visited the remote islands and fjords of Greenland for international talks on climate change.

For an unforgettable Easter Break, Hillary Clinton and her family, including former president Bill, her daughter Chelsea and her husband Mark, took a sun-dappled holiday to Parrot Cay, a luxurious 1000-acre Turks and Caicos retreat famous for its celebrity-owned bungalows. The island, which includes a beachside resort, offers stunning private homes catering to an elite crowd – including owners like actor Bruce Willis, the original supermodel Christie Brinkley, and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

Parrot Cay is available through Vladi Private Islands

In the case of the Clintons, they enjoyed the hospitality of fashion designer Donna Karan, the creator of breezy and flowing designs who must take great inspiration from her relaxed, yet elegant, island getaway. Known as “The Sanctuary”, Karan’s personally-designed four bedroom house features an airy and spacious layout, a sense of Eastern simplicity, and plenty of fascinating antiques gathered from her world travels. From the panoramic windows, views can be had of both the sea and surrounding jungle. Set in a private enclave, guests need never see another soul during their visit -except, of course, for the two butlers who come with the rental of The Sanctuary.

Perfectly Orchestrated, Fully Secure

The Clintons, who arrived on April 22nd via a private jet, brought with them an extensive security staff that, according to a local paper, included; 20 protective officers who arrived first to conduct reconnaissance, a team of 12 cars to transport the Clintons from the airport and around the country, and personal bodyguards. With countless celebrity, royal, and political guests, Parrot Cay was no doubt well-prepared for their stringent requirements.  The family reportedly looked very relaxed on the way home from their holiday; and according to the general manager of the Provo Air Centre, both Bill and Hillary said that they would love to return to the Turks and Caicos again.

From the Equator to Ice Flows

The Secretary of State’s next island experience would be a world apart from the warm azure seas of the Caribbean, yet she pronounced the setting “beautiful” just the same. Together with other members of the Obama administration, on May 11 and 12 she toured the coast and towns of Greenland, as part of an international Arctic summit. A hot topic included the impact of climate change on this vast and untouched region, where, counter-intuitively, some see benefits from diminishing ice cover and warmer temperatures.  The Arctic contains some of the world’s largest untapped reserves of oil and natural gas, leading some locals to believe that climate change could be an economic boon for the region.

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Islands of a Different Nature

The summit took place in the capital city – or town, rather – of Nuuk, a remote outpost home to just 15,000 people, many involved in the mining or fishing industries. On May 11th, Hillary toured the coastline around the area by boat, passing through a filigreed network of inlets, rocky islands, and icebergs, where she commented on the beauty of the region. The conference was regarded as a success, and she pledged to return home with a renewed mandate for promoting Arctic issues. However, whether Hillary will be as eager to return to Greenland’s craggy shores as to revisit the tropical paradise of the Turks and Caicos, it remains to be seen.

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