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Fiji shores ranked in top five honeymoon destinations

Wedding dress, check. Husband, check. Now onto the important details – the honeymoon! Fiji has been ranked among the top five honeymoon destinations in a recent poll done by the US based magazine ‘Brides’.

Laucala Island

Laucala Island

In an interview, CNN talks to Jacqueline Gifford, travel editor of Brides Magazine, to see why so many people chose Fiji for their honeymoon.

Though undoubtedly idyllic, Fiji also has a vast island selection of exclusive and secluded islands with some very competitively priced specials and package deals throughout the year.

The finer details of the bride quiz reveal what makes Fiji the perfect honeymoon destination:

Its abundance of private islands, giving honeymooners an exclusive secluded island for their special trip.
The traditional Bure (pronounced bur-et) – adds an exotic touch the romantic evenings.
Visitors are welcomed with warmth, integrity and an openness to explore the Fijian culture and meet its gracious and beautiful people.
The activities are endless from lazing on the beaches, snorkelling, enjoying spa treatments to adventure and other water sports…

Fiji’s recognition has been well received by the CEO of Tourism Fiji, Josefa Tuamoto who hopes this will encourage more happy couples to visit Fijian shores.

French Polynesia, Italy, Bali and Bermuda were the other places chosen.

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