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Fiji: Dietrich Mateschitz Adds Submersible Craft to his Private Island Inventory

Fiji’s premiere private island, Laucala, has this week announced the acquisition of a DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible craft.

Laucala Island

Laucala Island

The Austrian energy drink tycoon, Dieter Mateschitz, has this week announced the purchase of a DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible for Laucala Island, his multi-million dollar Fijian private island resort. The Red Bull resort will take receipt of the state-of-the-art craft in September 2013, with guests expected to be able to climb behind the wheel of the craft just weeks later, on November 1st.

As innovative as they are dynamic, submersible crafts allow any would-be Captain Nemo to discover the secrets of the ocean-floor without even the inconvenience of getting wet. Similar in design to a personal submarine and designed by experts at Hawkes Ocean Technologies, Laucala’s DeepFlight Super Falcon looks like something out of a James Bond film, and is perhaps the ultimate boys’ toy.

The General Manager of Laucala Island, David Stepetic, was delighted to add the submersible to the island’s inventory and is already certain that the craft will have a positive impact, providing guests with an opportunity to experience the waters off of Laucala Island in a different way and promising an unparalleled experience which will remain with them long after they check out.

For an additional activity fee of USD 1,700, guests will enjoy an unforgettable underwater adventure which takes them up, close and personal with the weird and wonderful marine life which calls the South Pacific home. Designed with comfort in mind and offers 360° views through a large, acrylic dome, guests will be spoiled by a vibrant seascape made up of colourful corals and fish.

Demand for personal submarines is on the up within the lucrative private island market, with several high-end resorts offering similar dynamic deep-sea adventures. Sir Richard Branson’s British Virgin Island resort, Necker Island, is another notable example, offering underwater excursions on another of Hawkes Ocean Technologies’ submersibles – the Merlin – for USD 25,000 per week.
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