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Europe: A Pound of Coffee and a Private Island? German Coffee Company Offers Islands for Sale

Make your dream of private island ownership come true with German coffee specialists, Tchibo. The company has expanded its diverse product range to include seven sensational private Islands! 

  • A German coffee company has this week added a series private islands to their ever-expanding diverse product range
  • In co-operation with Vladi Private Islands, Tchibo will be offering seven sensational islands as part of their weekly “theme world”
  • The islands, which have a price range from between EUR 60,000 and EUR 999,000, will be available to purchase via Tchibo between the 30th June and the 3rd August 2015


Tchibo: A Pound of Coffee and a Private Island

Crebarrin Island

Crebarrin Island – Photo Provided by Vladi Private Islands

A German coffee company has made an unusual addition to its product range, placing seven sensational private islands for sale alongside its usual assortment of coffee specialties.

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise – the Tchibo group is well-known throughout the German-speaking world for its diverse range of products. As well as producing some of Germany’s favourite coffee blends, the company has been known to sell houseboats, facelifts, automobiles and even airplanes.

Despite Tchibo’s reputation for outlandish ideas, however, the idea of purchasing a private island along with your pound of coffee has already made a considerable splash amongst the company’s customer base.


Co-Operation with Vladi Private Islands

Throughout the campaign, Tchibo will be making use of the expertise brought along by their exclusive co-operation partner, Vladi Private Islands, whose clients include national and international stars such as Céline Dion, Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage, Tony Curtis or Jörg Pilawa and Dieter Hallervorden.

The Hamburg-based brokers have hand-picked seven incredible islands for inclusion in the coffee-house’s campaign, allowing you to take your pick from the wooded islands of North America and Europe and the palm-fringed islands of French Polynesia and the South Pacific. And with prices starting from EUR 60,000, the dream of private island ownership might not be as far-removed from reality as you think.

Prices between EUR 60,000 – 999,000

Anukkasaari Island Group - Photo Provided by Vladi Private Islands

Anukkasaari Island Group – Photo Provided by Vladi Private Islands

That’s right, each of the seven private islands has a price tag between EUR 60,000 and EUR 999,000 with an additional discount of 20% of the brokerage fee exclusively for Tchibo clients.

“Our customers expect to be surprised by Tchibo’s product range. Private islands are currently a complete novelty in Germany. We hope to make the subject well-known to a wider audience,” explained Helen Rad, spokesperson for Tchibo’s Non-Food Department. “With two renowned and internationally experienced German companies behind the offer – Tchibo and Vladi Private Islands – our customers are guaranteed all the security they need to start a great adventure.”

Stay tuned to Private Island News for an overview of the seven islands on offer, or head to Tchibo and Vladi Private Islands for more information about the co-operation.

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