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Caribbean: Palm Island Resort Celebrates “Green” Certification

One of the Grenadine’s most spectacular resorts is also a guilt-free indulgence thanks to its sustainable environmental policies.

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In recent years, many globe-trotting adventurers have become more and more concerned about the environmental impact of their travels – and so have some of the world’s top resorts. Now, prestigious awards for luxurious accommodations and elite service share a podium with honors for “carbon neutrality” and “sustainable development”.

One top resort in the beautiful Caribbean chain of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is now basking in the glow of having been re-certified as a true sustainable paradise by Green Globe, an internationally-recognized certifier of eco-friendly tourism businesses.

Created after the United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit over twenty years ago, Green Globe has been a key player in promoting the virtues of sustainable development.

Steven Heydt, president of Elite Island Resorts, said that Palm Island was thrilled at the accolade. “We are honored to receive this recognition from Green Globe and to be placed among our most respected colleagues in the industry, who understand the importance of preserving our environment,” he was quoted as saying in a recent press release.

The resort sits on a gorgeous 135-acre private island found near the southern point of the Grenadines chain, and packs an impressive amount of luxury into its modest size. Fringed with 5 perfect white beaches, the resort has just 43 guest villas, rooms and suites, along with two restaurants. Guests are assured privacy, relaxation, and the opportunity to commune with the island’s spectacular natural environment.

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Some of the initiatives that earned Palm Island its re-certification are solar systems that provide hot water and energy, rain water collection, and a program for reuse waste water for irrigating the island’s bountiful gardens. Another shining example of the resort’s sustainability is the support it gives to WIDECAST, or the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network. The island is home to many nesting turtles and tortoises, as well as a variety of birds and other natural creatures.

The environmental consciousness that infuses Palm Island’s philosophy is also appreciated by its guests, according to Mr. Heydt. “Eco-friendly practices are crucial to protecting and preserving Palm Island’s untouched surroundings. Through the combined efforts of our staff and guests, the property is able to seamlessly blend environmental initiatives with luxury service, creating an authentic private island experience that can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

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