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Celebs visiting resorts

Caribbean: Mustique - If it's good enough for Catherine, it's good enough for Pippa!

The Caribbean islands remain a favourite holiday destination for VIPs and celebs. Following in the footsteps of her sister the Duchess of Cambridge, British Dailys are reporting that Philippa Middleton and her current boyfriend Alex Loudon are expected to visit the highly exclusive and privately owned Mustique Island in July, for a break from the intrusive paparazzi.

Magical Mustique

Magical Mustique

Celebrity holiday capital of the world

Mustique, renowned for its sophistication and beauty, as well as being described as the “celebrity holiday capital of the world”, is rumoured to be the place where Catherine Middleton rekindled her relationship with Prince William, after they had split for several months during their long courtship.

Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton

A beautiful but very private island

There will be no shortage of romantic spots on the 1’400 acre island for Philippa and her beau to spend some urgently required downtime together, take in the ocean views, walk in the lush rolling hills or along the pristine, white beaches, whilst making the most of the tranquility and privacy. The Middletons are no strangers to the island and Philippa will no doubt already know what to expect of the luxurious one-of-a-kind villa accommodation they will experience during their stay.

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