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Caribbean: Kanye West’s Private Island Birthday Party for Kim Kardashian

The musician was determined to give his girlfriend an unforgettable 32nd birthday, and went all out by booking a prestigious private island resort in the Turks and Caicos.

(Image: The Meridian Club on Pine Cay)

The media has been abuzz with the news that on October 17th, the luxurious private island resort of Pine Cay will be hosting a birthday celebration for reality TV star Kim Kardashian, organized by her boyfriend, musician and fashion impresario Kanye West. Offering privacy, swank accommodations and a vast array of staff, top island resorts like Pine Cay make ideal spots for celebrity holidays.

For Kim, it will no doubt be a birthday to remember. Rumour has it that love-struck Kanye will be dropping over a million dollars on her big day; a private island party, a custom-made Prada bag and diamond jewelry certainly adds up. A source quoted in The Sun newspaper had this to say: “Kim has been really down about turning 32 and having two failed marriages behind her and no children, so he wants to make this extra-special. Plus it’s her first birthday since they’ve been together as a couple.”

(Image by Glen Francis)

A party hosted on Pine Cay would definitely be a special event – the Turks and Caicos resort island is known for being highly exclusive, with just a scattering of private homes and beachfront villas across its 800 acres, and only one resort – The Meridian Club. An eco-friendly community where cars are banned in favor of gold carts and residents enjoy some of the most pristine beaches in the T&C, Pine Cay offers a relaxed environment where even world-famous celebrities can let their hair down and just be themselves.

According to Farhad Vladi, founder of international luxury firm Vladi Private Islands, the interest from celebrities in renting private islands has never been greater, especially among the youth. “Many members of the new generation prefer to rent a private island rather than buy it,” he said. “This offers freedom and flexibility, where others take care of the work and a different island can be enjoyed on each holiday.” His travel agency, found at, does a brisk business in holiday island rentals found across the globe.

For Kim Kardashian, private islands have a definite allure – last year, she made news (link) when she spoke about her longing for a secluded island wedding, in contrast to the lavish televised affair she held when she married her former husband, Kris Humphries. While it may be a little too early to say that Kanye will be her husband #3, if he does pop the question, no doubt her dream private island wedding will be in the cards. After all, he’ll have to top her island birthday party somehow!

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