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Caribbean: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Escape Winter on Mustique

The most star-studded private island resort in the Caribbean is enjoying yet another visit from Prince William and Duchess Kate.

(Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands)

(Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands)

As Britain shivers in the midst of an unusual deep freeze, complete with snowstorms and gale-force winds, Prince William and Duchess Kate have understandably decided that it’s time for a winter holiday in the tropics. Their destination of choice will surprise few Royal watchers – the exclusive island resort of Mustique has long been a favorite holiday spot for the couple.

With luxurious villas, a laid-back atmosphere and unparalleled privacy, Mustique has a deserved reputation as one of the world’s most elite islands. Mick Jagger, Donna Karan and an assortment of other stars and nobility all own properties on its 1,400 acres, serviced by shops and amenities in a few tiny towns (and the famous Basil’s Bar for casual cocktails).

The British Royal Family in particular has historical ties to the island. After the property was purchased by the flamboyant aristocrat Colin Tennant, the 3rd Baron of Glenconner, Mustique began to acquire a certain allure – and his gift of a 10-acre piece of paradise to Princess Margaret for a holiday villa cemented its reputation.

Throughout the years, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have made visits to Mustique, as did Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. A special invitation to the villa built by Princess Margaret, Les Jolie Eaux, became a sought-after status symbol. Now, it seems as though the next generation of royals has picked up the Mustique banner.

(Image Courtesy of VPI)

(Image Courtesy of VPI)

According to the UK Daily Mail, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have just hopped a jet to the sunny Caribbean for a relaxing Mustique vacation – their 6th such visit, in fact. The couple are staying in a villa that, according to the paper, rents out for £19,000 per week, and Kate’s parents will be joining them on the island in a nearby villa.

After a widely-reported terrible bout with morning sickness that landed Kate in the hospital, the young pair are, no doubt, in need of a holiday in the sun –especially with Britain’s unusually severe winter.  The Daily Mail quoted a source close to the couple as saying that with their first baby on the way, it will soon be busier than ever for William and Kate. “Their villa is the height of luxury,” said the source, “and the perfect place to relax before the endless round of feeds and nappies begins.”

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