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Cambodia: Song Saa Private Island Premieres Three New Spa Concepts

Pleasure-seekers have been given yet another reason to bump Song Saa Private Island to the top of their bucket list, as three brand new spa concepts make their premiere at the island’s sanctuary.

Song Saa - Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Song Saa – Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Just when you thought that the idea of a private island vacation couldn’t get any more chilled out, one incredible island rental in Cambodia has decided to take private island luxury one step further, unveiling three brand new spa concepts designed purely with relaxation in mind.

Tucked away in the unexplored Koh Rong Archipelago, Song Saa is a haven of untouched nature, tropical landscapes and secluded beaches, spread out across two picture-perfect private islands. Already boasting the perfect conditions for peace and quiet, the addition of three brand new spa concepts promise to take Song Saa’s awe-inspiring atmosphere to a whole new level.

Exclusively created in time for this year’s Green Season (May – October 2014), Cambodia’s first and only private island resort has created three new treatments to refresh, relax and renew. Each of the programs will be tailor made according to the needs of each individual, with an in-depth consultation with one of the island’s seasoned spa experts designed to determine every last detail.

And the best bit: guests who check in for five nights will be treated to the five night retreat package completely free of charge. The fun doesn’t stop there, however, with those who prefer a longer stay entitled to an additional array of complementary treatments (available from 7 nights onwards).

Desperately in need of a bit of relaxation ourselves; the Private Island News team travelled out to Cambodia to get the low-down on the island’s latest luxurious additions:

Song Saa - Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Song Saa – Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Perfect for guests on the hunt for a much-needed haven far from daily grind, the Song Saa Sanctuary’s REFRESH program makes use of Buddhist principles which aim to stimulate the body’s natural flow and release new energy during the process. Making use of both Karuna Kay and Manipura massage techniques as well as targeted mental training, the REFRESH program will leave you feeling recharged and ready to face your next challenge.

Anything but conventional, one of the latest ideas to take Song Saa by storm is so-called SUP-Yoga (Stand Up Paddle Yoga for those not in the know). Transforming the humble paddle board into a personal island of relaxation, guests are invited to take a deep breath, close their eyes and meditate upon a floating yoga mat. As the gentle lapping of the Koh Rong Archipelago sends you into a zen-like state, you will also have the chance to take part in a highly-spiritual Buddhist blessing ceremony aimed to purify mind, body and soul.

Reinforcing Song Saa’s commitment to maintaining the natural assets that make its location so unique, the Sanctuary’s RENEWAL program promotes the Khmer culture by making use of exclusively locally-grown medicinal herbs and plants, sourced with the help of local communities and the knowledge of village elders. Rich in minerals, the region’s sea plants in particular have a large role to play in the Song Saa Sanctuary and are used as part of the RENEWAL program to strengthen the immune system and help rejuvenate and renew the skin cells.

An untamed island far beyond the tourist trail, Song Saa is Cambodia’s first and only luxury island resort; an isolated paradise committed to maintaining the natural assets that make its location so unique. To book your stay on the island and take advantage of the sensational new spa packages, head over to Vladi Private Islands for all of the latest special offers.

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