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Australia: Pumpkin Island to Become a Guys-Only Hideout

This luxury island on the Great Barrier Reef is marketing itself as a sanctuary for “guy time”, where mates can enjoy sports, fishing, and beer without having to look good for the ladies.

(Image Courtesy of Pumpkin Island)

Let’s face it, both men and women need a little time with friends without the pressure of having the opposite sex around, where they can relax, let their hair down, and just be themselves – and in Australia, one island is taking this truism to the extreme. The small 6-acre Pumpkin Island, a little private resort just off the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, is slated to become a (mostly) men’s-only paradise by October of 2012. The island has been leased by the XXXX Gold beer company for the next few years, and will be known as XXXX Island, and their beer will be the only alcohol served.

Well-known for being an eco-friendly resort that made moves over the last few years to become “carbon-positive” through sustainable practices, Pumpkin Island uses solar and wind to power its beach cottages, collects and filters rainwater for drinking, and has high standards for protecting the surrounding reef environment. With this in mind, XXXX Gold has been careful to make it clear that the island will not be changing to an “anything goes” policy of 24-hour wild parties and unrestricted hedonism.

Activities that will not be permitted include anything that will harm the marine environment, like jet skiing, and the number of guests will be limited to 28 at a time. The company said in a statement about the project that the island is intended to be a slice of what they see as the “good life” – relaxation, simple pleasures, and enjoying time with mates. While the ad campaign is being targeted at men, the company has clarified that the island is also open to girl’s-only and mixed friend holidays as well. XXXX Gold will be working with local environmental groups and government agencies to ensure that the island stays on its course of sustainability.

(Image Courtesy of Pumpkin Island)

An entire private island is a definite upgrade from the “man caves” that have been ubiquitous in the media, and certainly fills an empty niche – after all, it’s kind of hard to fit palm trees and a hammock in one’s basement. On XXXX Island, guys will be able to enjoy “mantivities” like fantastic fishing, touch football on the beach, and beer and pizza will always be on the menu. The company is also inviting suggestions as to what would make the island the ultimate destination for a mates’ trip away – things like a “one-hole golf course” and “an ingenious beer delivery system” are already under consideration.

“We think it’s safe to say XXXX Island is almost perfect, we just might build or bring a few things to the island to make it even better,” said the company. Those with the best idea submissions for making the island the ultimate mates’ retreat will be entered to win a dream holiday on XXXX Island for them and three of their friends. Read more here at the company’s website:

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