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Australia: Luxury Private Island Resort Returns With New Eco-Conscious Focus

Two years after Cyclone Yasi devastated the Queensland coast, Australia’s most exclusive private island retreat is back, boasting a brand new eco-ethos to boot.

Bedarra Island - Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Bedarra Island – Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

After two long years of rebuilding, the painstaking journey from ruins to restoration is finally complete for Australia’s Bedarra Island Resort, with the private island paradise already reaping the rewards for its forward-thinking eco-friendly philosophy.

Once the favourite hideaway of the likes of Russell Crowe and The Duchess of York; Bedarra was reduced to rubble by Cyclone Yasi in 2011, leaving the future of Australia’s most famous island escape very much in the balance.

With previous owners Hideaway Resorts forced to abandon the island for just a fraction of its original asking price, it was left to Brisbane-based Charlton Hotel Group to take a risk and restore the resort to its former glory.

After completing what must surely be the biggest clean-up operation of its kind (a two-year tidy-up which saw 30 tonnes of rubble removed from the island), the new-look Bedarra Island Resort was finally unveiled earlier this year.

Almost unrecognisable from its golden era of excess, the resort is now a champion of sustainable tourism, discarding its diesel-powered generators and desalination plants in favour of solar power and rainwater and down-sizing to a more manageable eight villas.

Whilst it’s certainly been a long time coming, Private Island News isn’t alone in believing that it was well worth the wait. Indeed, only months after it’s re-opening, Bedarra Island Resort has been named as one of the world’s best new hotels by America’s popular Travel + Leisure magazine.

The General Manager of the Charlton Hotel Group, Sam Charlton, issued the following statement: “Bedarra is one of the most beautiful places in the world and we are passionate about keeping it this way. We are not just paying lip service to the philosophy of sustainability; we have made real changes to the operation of the resort to significantly reduce our impact on the environment.”

“The benefits are twofold,” Mr. Charlton continued. “The consumption of resources has been significantly reduced and our guests share the island with fewer people, further enhancing the feeling of privacy and seclusion for which Bedarra is renowned.” Castaway cool without compromising your green ideals – sounds good to us!

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