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Australia: An Eco-Friendly STAR for Daydream Island Resort and Spa

This luxurious island playground in the famous Whitsundays has just received its first STAR certification as an ecologically-conscious resort.

(Image Courtesy of Daydream Island)

Few places are as picture-perfect as Daydream Island Resort and Spa – set against the rich blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef, this Whitsunday gem is full of the swaying palms, sandy beaches and luxurious accommodations that make for an unforgettable island holiday. Now, according to Australia’s AAA Tourism, the island is also an eco-friendly paradise, one of the few private islands to receive this designation in the country. In October, Daydream was rewarded with an “Eco-Friendly STAR” designation to reward all of their hard work in protecting their unique environment.

When you’re surrounded by a UNESCO World Heritage Site like the Great Barrier Reef, the natural environment is certainly easy to appreciate. In the case of Daydream, the resort was carefully constructed on the 27-acre island to minimize impact on its natural forest and three pristine beaches. The resort spares no amenity, however: visitors enjoy an incredible spa, several restaurants and bars, and a truly original outdoor lagoon-style aquarium that holds the title of the largest in the world.

(Image Courtesy of Daydream Island)

In a recent press release, Phil Casey, the chief executive of Daydream, said that taking care of its natural surroundings was always a priority for the resort. “Daydream Island has always striven to minimise its impact on the environment,” he said. “The Resort’s close proximity to The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park means our staff are always mindful of their impact on the environment. We also encourage guests to be environmentally conscious while staying at the Resort.” He cited examples like sending cooking oil off the island to be used as biofuel, using water-reducing taps, recycling, and encouraging guests to be conscious of excess laundry.

A public relations rep for Daydream told PIN that their message was simple; “Daydream is passionate about caring for the environment and encourages its guests to act in the same way. Sustainable tourism is very important to the region, especially operating in a marine park on The Great Barrier Reef.” And if the resort can pass some of this passion for the environment on to their guests, they deserve every accolade.

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