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Africa: Medjumbe, Mozambique’s Paradise Isle

Part of a gorgeous, pristine Indian Ocean archipelago that stretches 250km across northern Mozambique, this unique private island resort offers a luxury diving and fishing experience like no other.

(Image Courtesy of Rani Resorts)

On this luxurious private island resort, it’s hard to tell where the beach ends, and the island begins. A shimmering white stretch of sand that extends for less than a kilometre, Medjumbe Private Island is surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean; the stunning resort is one of the pearls of the Quirimbas Archipelago, a set of 27 small isles stretching across the northeastern coast of Mozambique. Renowned as one of the best diving sites on earth, a combination of crystal-clear seas and scenic underwater landscapes draws visitors from across the globe, and has fueled a boom in upscale tourism in the region.

(Image Courtesy of Rani Resorts)

A Diverse Underwater Landscape

Medjumbe’s sparkling sand beaches may be incomparably beautiful, but guests to the island are often far more drawn to what lies beneath the water than lazing above it on a lounge chair. For those who flock to the Quirimbas for the incredible coral reefs and marine live, an idyllic day sunning on the beach can’t compare to the excitement found diving in some of the most perfect conditions on the planet. Moray eels, dolphins, stingrays, and a wide variety of tropical fish inhabit the nearby coral reefs, giving expert and novice divers alike an otherworldly experience in the ocean’s warm 26 degree waters. One of the resort’s most popular dives is dubbed “Rush Hour,” a virtual marine superhighway along a reef bank where vast schools of barracuda, kingfish and snapper will zip by.

(Image Courtesy of Rani Resorts)

Barefoot Beach Luxury

Just a kilometre long and 500 metres wide, the island hosts a small resort with a relaxed, intimate atmosphere. The luxurious accommodations are few; 13 private beach chalets are situated for maximum seclusion, each offering an endless view of the ocean, exotic alfresco showers and a private plunge pool. A breezy, tropical style of décor in crisp whites and blues compliments the azure seas and white sand, a constant reminder of the paradise to be discovered just out the door. When visitors have had enough seclusion, a central guest complex offers a pool, a bar and dining area and a casual lounge with internet access.

(Image Courtesy of Rani Resorts)

Getting to Paradise

According to Anri Myburgh of Rani Resorts, who also own a variety of other destination getaways, Medjumbe’s appeal ranges from romantic honeymoons to intense diving and fishing expeditions. And the resort’s clients come from far and wide to experience the beauty of the Quirimbas. “Our guests are predominantly from South Africa, England and Europe; especially Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands and Switzerland,” she said.

To reach the area, the coastal city of Pemba is the main gateway, with international flights from Johannesburg, Dar es Salaam and Nairobi. From Pemba, it’s a 45-minute puddle jump via light aircraft to the island. For those in North America, getting to the region may be a bit of a long trek – but more than worth the journey. As one review of the island said, “On arrival you know that you have landed in heaven, and the experience doesn’t change for the duration.”

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