Friday, July 19, 2024

About Buying Islands

How then do you go about buying an island? It is an unusual purchase, which is why it needs special expertise. Vladi Private Islands, established over twenty years ago, is still the world’s only island specialist. We recommend nine steps to help you find your own private island: Please read through each step carefully. 

The Impulse Nearly everyone dreams of owning an island. There is something very special about owning your own domain, surrounded by water and with the privacy to enjoy it alone with just family and friends. Amongst other factors, overpopulated areas, environmental problems, stress and property prices exceeding the real value in modern cities lead to the impulse to purchase an island.
First Step Contact Vladi Private Islands to request our up-to-date list of properties which are currently on the market. There is a one-time charge for our information. The list includes a short description of location, distance from coast, size, special features and price. There are well over a hundred islands from all over the world which we offer for sale.
Choose a Region
Our experience is that most clients find it easier to choose an island by first narrowing down their choice to a particular area. Vladi Private Islands has therefore divided the world into ten regions, which each have some common characteristics. These often include geological structures, climate, cultural, political systems and related languages. You will also obtain an idea of prices and what you might get within your budget. If you need further advice, we are always happy to oblige.
Your Personal Selection
Once you have studied our material and narrowed down your choice, let Vladi Private Islands know two or three islands that appeal the most. Detailed material will then be sent, including survey maps and a set of photographs. We will discuss with you how you can visit the islands and, on request, we may be able to reserve a property for you.
Viewing the Island It is very important to visit an island, not only to see the property and its development possibilities, but also to appreciate its environs and the people who live in the area. Vladi Island Travel, our travel service, will gladly plan and organise your inspection tour. If you wish, a Vladi Private Islands representative will accompany you, so that you can benefit from our experience.
The Purchase Decision Once you decide to buy an island, a formal Agreement of Purchase and Sale is drawn up. Islands, like any plot of land, must be recorded at a Registry of Deeds and we deal only with countries that maintain a registry. Our service includes reviewing the contract with you and, if requested, recommending an appropriate lawyer or notary.
Completing the Transaction Following the signing of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, and payment of the deposit (normally 10%), the lawyer or notary checks the ownership of the island to establish that the title is free and unencumbered. Once a free, marketable and good title to the land is established, the remainder of the purchase price is transferred to the seller’s trust account. Upon certification of title, the vendor is paid the remainder of the purchase price and the new Warranty Deed will be entered into the Registry of Deeds.
If requested, we can provide management services from our office in Halifax, Canada, or recommend a manager who would live on or close to your island. Based on our considerable experience, we will also help create a comprehensive development plan for the island, including electricity and telephone links, provision of drinking water, construction, etc. From this point on, we can take care of all necessary supervision and payment of bills on your behalf. This gives you, via Vladi Private Islands, a contact who will look after all aspects of your property, an ideal solution for an absentee owner.