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Opening of the Honorary Consulate of the Seychelles in Hamburg, Germany

The Honorary Consul of the Seychelles in Hamburg, Bremen and Lower Saxony celebrated the inauguration of their office Hamburg on March 5th 2018.

Honorary Consul Farhad Vladi Addresses The Audience

Honorary Consul Farhad Vladi Addresses The Audience

Honorary Consul Farhad Vladi hosted a spectacular reception for 200 guests at the Hamburg Planetarium. The event was attended by the Corps Consulaire, members of the Hamburg Senate, the press, business representatives and a number of prominent German celebrities.

Within his opening address, Honorary Consul Vladi highlighted the defining characteristics of the Republic of the Seychelles, promoting the pillars of the Seychelles economy and encouraging the attendees to visit the country and experience its natural beauty first hand.

As well as Mr Vladi’s entertaining speech, guests were treated to a recorded address from the Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs, Barry Faure and a virtual tour of the Seychelles’ most luxurious private islands and hotels by representatives of travel agency Dr Götze Land und Karte.

The evening concluded with a breath-taking journey into outer space curated by Planetarium director Mr Thomas Kraupe. Leaning back in their armchairs, the 200 guests enjoyed a truly out of this world trip from the Seychelles into outer space before returning to Hamburg where they were able to reflect on the evening (and plan their journey to the Seychelles) over food, drinks and Creole music.

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